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As The Record Turns... The Ultimate in Rare Vinyl Records

AS THE RECORD TURNS and staff over the years has provided it services to the following:

Disney Films

Dr. Dre

Paramount Pictures
Quincy Jones
Universal Pictures
Snoop Doggy Dog
20th Century Fox
Biz Markie
Steven Spielbberg/Dreamworks
Naughty by Nature
Dick Clark Productions
A Tribe Called Quest
Capitol Records
Pete Rock
Warner Bros.
Lou Adler
House Of Pain
Warren G
DJ Quik
Dr. Donald Byrd
Howard Stern
Sony Music
James Brown
Bobby Womack
Billy Eckstine
Lalo Schifrin
Montel Jordan
Beastie Boys
Def Jam Records & Film
Jay Leno
Life Styles of the Rich & Famous
BMG Records
Universal / MCA Records
Sinatra Entertainment

Jimi Hendrix Estate

RCA Records
The Dust Brothers
Marilyn Manson
Tommy Boy Records

John Singleton

Ice Cube
Virgin Records
Priority Records
Rhino Records
Interscope Records
George Lucas
George Harrison



In the heart of the business district of Hollywood, on Hollywood Blvd. itself--is a store with service dedicated to those in the industry as well as the true collector. If you're looking for that rare vinyl LP, or a particular song by a favorite artist, this is the store for you! Since it's inception over a decade ago the owners of As The Record Turns have successfully located the best quality rare LP's, album covers and 45's for all the major record companies, film and television studios, music publishers, producers and recording artists. Whether it's providing rare mint conditioned 1954-55 selction of original album covers of Frank Sinatra for Tina Sinatra's use in her father's CBS TV production of "The Frank Sinatra Story" or providing 70's source music and album covers requested by Howard Stern for his movie "Private Parts" or the unique sound bite of a 1958 Ferrari sports car George Lucas needed for the film "Star Wars, Episode 1, The Phantom Menace".

Dick Clark Productions, Disney,HBO, MTV, VH1, AMC, Nickelodeon, E Entertainment, PBS and The Fox Channel productions of' "Behind The Music", "Where Are They Now?", and "E True Stories" and "History of Rock Roll" call for their on going documentaries.

As The Record Turns special service extends to the private collector as well. Many of the artists fan clubs from all over the world have contacted As The Record Turns in pursuit of the recordings of their stars.

As The Record Turns has built an excellent reputation for having some of the rarest records to be found in most genres and fulfilling search requests. In addition, our on staff musicologist is known worldwide for his creation of "The Program" which has contributed successfully to many different Platinum record albums. As a consultant and a record research locator we have credits on over 2500 different LP's, CD's re-issues, 1200 films and 700 television and cable network shows. (See our client and photo list)

Quincy Jones "Juke Joint" CD, Dr. Dre's "The Chronic", "The Lafayette Afro Rock Band" for Jay-Z's multi-platinum hit "Show Me Whatcha Got" and Capitol-EMI Records vinyl rei-issue of The Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour", Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon" Steve Miller's "Fly Like An Eagle" and Wing's "Band On The Run" and many others. Sony Classic Films recent release of Jimmy Page, U2 The Edge and Jack White in "It Might Get Loud" are just one of the many store's latest direct contributions.

If you are looking for that rare and out of print recording on vinyl, As The Record Turns will have it or find it for you. The owners have personally traveled to the major cities of the world from London to Tokyo, from Hong Kong to Rome retrieving the classic recordings of the American culture and have access to over million and a half vinyl LP's and 45's warehoused.

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